5 Year Warranty

Window Standards

Our Windows & Doors meet a schedule of minimum sized configurations specified by the Window & Glass Association NZ. These are tested in an Internationally Accredited New Zealand lab (No 238) under scrutiny of an independent Signatory/Test Engineer.

Durability & Performance

Our products are rigorously tested to comply and in many cases surpass New Zealand industry standards. All products adhere to the 15 year durability requirement of the building Act 1991 B2.

Care & Maintenance

To maintain the longevity of your windows and doors it is recommended you wash your aluminium joinery with warm water and a mild detergent every six months to remove built up dirt or toxic waste. If you live in a beach house or near an industrial area, we recommend washing your joinery every three months.


1. The Altus NZ Limited manufacturer warrants for a period of 5 years from [the date of supply] that:
(a) the aluminium joinery used in the manufacture of the Product are finished in accordance with AAMA 2603-05 performance standard for exterior architectural aluminium joinery, and also in accordance with WANZ SFA 3503-03:2005 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - anodised coatings for architectural applications;
(b) the doors and windows of the Product comply with: NZS 4211:2008 Performance of Windows, and NZS 4223 Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings; and
(c) As required under NZS 4211 the product or products specified will remain watertight.

2. If the Product does not perform as warranted, the manufacturer will make good the Product by, at its option, (i) replacing or repairing the affected Product, (ii) supplying equivalent Product, (iii) paying the cost of replacing the affected Product, or (iv) refunding the cost of the affected Product, subject to the following terms:
(a) that the window manufacturer is advised of and given an opportunity to inspect any fault;
(b) that any claims under this warranty need to be made in writing to the window manufacturer within 7 days of the fault first becoming apparent;
(c) that this warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser, unless the window manufacturer agrees otherwise in writing;
(d) that this warranty only applies:
(i) where the Product has been maintained in accordance with the maintenance procedure specified;
(ii) to a defect in the workmanship or a defect that is directly attributable to a defect in the material of the Product; and
(iii) where the purchaser has paid in full for the supply (and installation if applicable) of the window joinery;
(e) that the warranty does not apply to any:
(i) glass or glazing materials used in the joinery;
(ii) defects due to any cause beyond the manufacturer’s control including, without limitation, defects in the structure to which the joinery has been affixed;
(iii) materials, hardware or componentry not manufactured by the window manufacturer;
(iv) weathertightness - where the contract is one of manufacture and supply only, the junction between joinery and cladding systems is the responsibility of the builder;
(f) that the window manufacturer will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special damage or loss including, without limitation, any loss of profits;
(g) that the warranty does not apply to any fault caused by incorrect installation by anyone other than the window manufacturer or its authorised agents, and/or any installation otherwise than in accordance with the installation guide current at the time of supply.

3. This warranty is given by the manufacturer of Altus NZ Limited products.