Bifold Doors

Bifold doors allow for unrestricted access to the outdoors and maximise the amount of light in a room. This type of patio door is perfect if you want to open up the whole of the living area, as the doors can be folded concertina-style, removing the barrier between indoors and out. These doors are perfect for the larger living area, with choices to suit all sizes of home from two to ten door options.

Bifold Door profiles are matched to Hinged and French Doors for a consistent total look.


  • Flat surfaced sill
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Top rolling witheasy to clean sills
  • Openness

Bi-parting Bifold Doors

Bifold doors continue to increase in popularity due to the maximised openings they allow. We offer bi-fold choices for home of all sizes, with options from 2 through to 10 panels.
Being a top hung system, they’re really easy to use too. The weight of the door panels is at the head, This not only allows for long term durability, smooth action and fingertip control, but also results in a low maintenance flush sill, removing any potential trip hazards. This can be further enhanced be rebating internal floors and having exterior decks or patios raised to run almost level.


The corner bifold/Foldback® units meet at the corner, but also have the ability to completely open up. This results in unprecedented indoor/outdoor flow, unrestricted views and large amounts of light entering the room as the sun makes its way around your home.
Another advantage of these doors is the combination of bifold and Foldback® bifold panels. This allows you to minimise any potential obstacles by choosing the configuration that best suits your home, and in particular, what the panels will open up against.