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Glendowie Insert Windows

Location Auckland

Systems Insert (retrofit) Windows & Replacement Doors

Products Insert (Retrofit 'H' frame) Windows

Industry Sector Residential

How to keep a homes character window look with new modern comforts.

What do you do when you have old timber windows that you want to replace with new double glazed aluminium joinery, but want to keep the character timber look? Well the answer is simpler than you think...insert (or retrofit) windows.

Insert windows allow you to keep the character look because the existing exterior timber facings, sills and internal reveals remain in place. This means you don't need to do remedial work on the exterior cladding and in particular not having to re-plaster and paint internal wall linings.

The process for insert windows requires less remedial work than full replacement but sometimes inserts are just not an option. Where full replacement is typically ideal is if an existing door or window is beyond repair or you want to make the opening bigger or smaller.