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Not a lot of people know this but Fisher Windows™ and the Spirit of Adventure Trust, New Zealand’s world renowned tall sailing ship charity, were established by the same man – Lou Fisher.

In 1953 Lou established Fisher Windows™. He also created the original Ranchslider. Twenty years later he set up the Spirit of Adventure Trust. Now, after decades apart, we’ve reunited with our long lost sibling, and together, we’re making a positive contribution to the next generation of Kiwis.

Each year, every one of the 19 Fisher Windows™ branches sends a young person from their local community to sea to take part in the voyage of a life time. Alongside the Spirit of Adventure Trust we provide these young Kiwis with the opportunity to learn and develop skills such as leadership, communication, discipline and resilience. They come back somehow taller and braver, and they develop life-long friendships. We think it is one of the most amazing adventures any young person can have.

To date, more than 81,000 young Kiwis have benefitted from this unique sailing programme.

Altus and Fisher Windows™ are proud to partner with the Spirit of Adventure Trust.


A word from Bruce Pilbrow, CEO Spirit of Adventure

“I am always humbled and inspired when a prominent brand, like Fisher Windows™, signals to our communities that they care about the well-being of our rangatahi or our younger generation in New Zealand. Their brand exposure enriches our story and their generosity means we can help more rangatahi have a life changing adventure on the Spirit.

But with Fisher Windows™ it’s even more special because of the unique history that exists here with Lou Fisher and our shared origins. To bring both full circle, and have them back together is to me at least quite amazing… and all in the name of helping the next generation realise and fulfil their potential.”

Bruce Pilbrow, CEO Spirit of Adventure

We can't wait until the first Fisher Windows™ trainee takes to the sea and experiences the magic of the Spirit of Adventure Trust.

We look forward to sharing their journey with you!