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French doors are a timeless classic that add a sense of openness, structure and beauty to any home.

The traditional design and form of French Doors complement any home. The door panels come in a range of sizes to suit the style and proportions of your home. Side windows can also be included in the frame. This door-set can be conveniently opened one side at a time, allowing you to control the traffic flow, ventilation, and security according to the situation.

Stylishly Practical

While these highly affordable doors are ideal for the traditionalist, they can also be used for contemporary builds - and you can include colonial bars to highlight classic features, or Malta™ hardware for sleek styling. It all depends on what look you’re after.
Another advantage is that a door handle can be added to one opening panel or both and gives you the ability for three-point locking with one simple lift.


  • Versatile application
  • Optional flat surfaced sill
  • Optional side light ventilation