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The building code compliance changes offer an exciting time in NZ building as they will result in more efficient, warmer in winter (plus cooler in summer) and overall more comfortable buildings and homes for New Zealanders to live in. We have for many years strived to better the lives of New Zealanders through our innovative product systems helping to make homes warmer, dryer and healthier.

The changes will see New Zealand split into six climate zones, each with specific R-value requirements for building insulation.  This supersedes the previous three zone format and in our eyes is a welcome improvement that closer resembles the unique differences in our climate, despite our relatively small country. This split will mean that specifiers will need to be in close contact with their window Fabricator early in the build process and throughout to ensure the correct joinery is chosen to match the build location’s climate zone.

We are in a fantastic position with the existing systems in place to cater to the current and updated building code compliance with a range of thermally broken products that offer not only value for money, but a wide range of form and functionality options. Our two thermally broken systems, Southern41™ Thermal and Pacific52 Thermal™, are unique in the market in that they offer the ability to manage build cost and R-value right across the new six climate zones, all while maintaining the benefits of function and design form that New Zealander’s have grown to love. A real benefit is that our thermally broken systems do not pigeonhole you into a look that you may not want, our systems can be sleek and slimline, or big and bold and come in any number colours to suit your unique ideas and design.

Whilst a lot of focus is now on the joinery thermal break, there is a similar focus on glass. Single glazing will likely phase out, with the exception of non-habitable structures or non-habitable areas of the building, and double glazing with added features like Low-E coatings, the addition of Argon gas and thermally enhanced spacers will become the norm, in addition triple glazing with the same features will become more visible in the higher climate zones. Our strong relationships within this sector allow for the best product to suit customer needs, at the best price to be supplied with the best lead times available. Click HERE to see our glass options.

Click HERE to view and download CAD files for our two thermally broken systems.

We understand that in the near future the vast majority of windows in New Zealand will require thermally broken joinery and to ensure consistent supply have increased our manufacturing capability, our capacity and warehousing footprint. The increase in investment will cement Altus and our Fabrication network as the preferred window & door partner to our growing customer base.

The Below table will help guide your selection of our window systems.


The Window & Glass Association NZ have pulled together a great summary of the code changes, CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to download a copy and read: