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Making a property weathertight is a critical milestone during construction. It signifies the building is now sealed against wind and rain and the next stage of construction can commence.

Once joinery is installed the last thing you need is for it to be damaged. That’s where our Sill Protectors come in. They’re designed to safeguard against any delay caused by damage during the remaining building process.

Our Sill Protectors are now available nationwide for the Pacific Residential and Weathertight systems. 

Sill Protectors for our New Joinery Systems; Tasman35 & Pacific41 are a work in progress. We will update this page once a full system range is made available.

Traditional ways, like hope and tape, of protecting your door sills during construction are no longer the most effective solution.

The video above demonstrates how the Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors fit perfectly onto the joinery and enable the doors to move freely. This means they can remain in place for the duration of the build process - protecting your joinery right up until the keys are handed over.

Sill Protectors are specifically designed to protect your brand new joinery, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands in repair costs. Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors are compatible with the Pacific Residential 35mm system and Weathertight 35mm system.

What is the product and when can I get it?

1.  Sill Protectors for the Weathertight system, available now through Bradnam’s™ and Nulook™.

2.  Sill Protectors for the Pacific Residential system, available now through Fisher™, Nebulite™, Rylock™ and Vistalite™.

What does it do?

Simply – it helps prevent scuffs, scratches and dents in newly installed joinery. Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors are the industry-leading solution designed to prevent damage to door sills before it happens, saving you time and money. Note: Sill Protectors will help safeguard your door sills, but do not guarantee total protection.

Why can't I get Sill Protectors for other joinery Systems now?

The Weathertight & Pacific Residential systems underwent in-market, localized testing so we could make adjustments in a controlled environment. This allowed us to ensure the performance of the product ahead of developing it for additional systems systems. 

Sill Protectors for our New Joinery Systems; Tasman35 & Pacific41 are a work in progress. We will update this page once a full system range is made available.

What are they made from?

Fully recyclable PVC.

How are they applied?

Arriving onto site along with your aluminium joinery, Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors come pre-cut and attached to your new joinery.

How do I get them off at the end of the job?

Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors clip on and off easily. No tools required.

Will they stop me locking up the site at the end of the day?

No. Our Sill Protectors are designed to fit snugly without disrupting the opening and closing of doors. And, unlike taped down cardboard, they’re made to last the entire duration of the construction.

What weight do they take?

Extensive use on major project sites has shown our sill protectors to be sturdy enough for heavy foot traffic.

What else do I need to do?

Using our sill protectors couldn’t be easier. Simply clip them on, leave them and when construction is complete unclip them and recycle.

Why are they orange?

There’s no chance of missing our sill protectors – they’re bright orange to provide a visual reminder to take care when walking over a door sill.

How much do they cost?

Sill Protectors are a cost of the construction and usually will be based on the house size - number of door openings. Your builder or local Fabricator will be happy to discuss these costs with you.

Where do I get them from?

Direct from your builder, sourced through their local Fabricator along with any other joinery requirements.

Where can I see them in action?